Friday, 25 May 2012

The only way is Chelsea?

Here I sit at my computer - the sun is shining and Chelsea Flower Show is happening!! This year I don't have a ticket or the time to go and am having withdrawal symptoms. I was telling a friend this and she said "But you don't like it!!" In some ways I suppose that's true - the crowds, oh the crowds - they get in my way and I can't see the gardens over their heads being slightly vertically challenged. But I miss the smells of the Great Pavilion and the sheer colour of the plants and flowers and the sheer volume of all things green!!
 Still it's no good moping - there is plenty of work to be done outside where I have my own little Chelsea - not so manicured, structured or dare I say it contrived but mine nevertheless.
We have a wonderful market near here - (have probably mentioned that before) with just the best plant stalls and I picked up these little beauties earlier in the week.
So after work I will plant them in my garden and then perhaps sit with a glass of pims in the sunshine. I've managed to do quite a bit in the garden lately - potatoes are all in and coming up, onions, red and white of course plus Nantes strain of carrots as my old grandad insisted on plus a few shallots. They are all labelled with red,white and blue labels from Apples to Pears Ltd
so looking very patriotic
am also trying out the Ethel Jubilee Gloves - lovely fit and oh so comfy.    Wash well too.
The best tool I am using at the moment tho is the Sophie Conran Hand Fork which sits in my hand perfectly
Devilishly sharp little prongs which are proving very useful indeed. From prizing out weeds in the lawn and veggie patch to planting up my market finds plus scraping out the weeds in the patio. Now I know they are not intended for that but they do a brilliant job and don't seem to be losing their sharpness or shine. Love it when you can stroll around the garden with just one little tool in your hand which does so many jobs. If you want to treat yourself to just one new tool this summer why not try one of these hand forks - made by Burgon and Ball so you can rely on the quality.
Right - not going to waste any more of this sunshine -the greenhouse must be crying out for water and my sweetpeas need to get into the ground. Now where's that Pimms?? Chelsea who needs you!!

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