Tuesday, 31 July 2012

When gardening is a challenge

Since I wrote my last blog which admittedly is a long time ago I have struggled to stay on top of my gardening!  Plodding out in kagouls and wet weather gear is not this diva's best way to garden and I know from listening to lots of you that keeping on top of your gardening has been a struggle this year.  Carrots failed to germinate - probably rotted as they hit the soggy soil and  shrubs have put out long leggy arms - searching for some sun I should think.  Plants such as foxgloves and poppies have grown sky high and then been bashed to the ground by the torrential rain and sometimes hail.  Some of the raspberries have rotted - we have to dash out between showers to grab the best of them and what can be said about the slugs!!  Seems it just their kind of weather!!
Although I sound glum there have been some good results too -when the sun does shine the garden looks wonderfully green and abundant, the mange tout in the green house were brilliant - I am now digging some lovely new potatoes and at long last my sweet peas have come into flower (planted them a bit late!)    So all is not lost and I am hoping for an Indian summer that goes on through the whole of September and October when maybe I might just be able to sit and ponder - bring it on!  In the meantime I am just thankful for my faithful pair of backdoorshoes as there was no nipping out in my flipflops or slippers this year!

 Priced at just £17.95 and extremely flexible they must be one of the most comfy garden clogs around and oh so useful to leave by the door - and not only the back door!!   I think I will treat myself to another pair - we have roses, tulips, vegetables, bluebell and grass designs all available from our website.  And if your chosen design/size is not available don't worry as new delivery is coming very soon -

Here's hoping that we get a bit more summer and can enjoy our gardens but, guess what, I have just looked out of the window and it is pouring!!

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