Saturday, 21 April 2012

Where have I been??

Wow - where has all that time gone since I last wrote here?? Well I can tell you now that we have bought a brand new house and it has taken an awful lot of time and effort to get sorted. Am exhausted but loving it too. However juggling a busy business, home life and a new property has stretched my brain to it's limits, so it's high time I got out in the garden, back to my therapy for unwinding. Hopefully this year's blog will again chart my trials and tribulations in the garden peppered with some successes of course.
I've managed to prune my roses, using the new Radius Bypass pruner - proving good so far and no exposed spring clip to catch your skin in!!.
The Radius Transplanter also featured recently in the Mail Weekend magazine and I am loving the ergonomically designed handles. If you do a lot in the garden these will help ease hand strain.
In the veg patch I've only set 6 new potatoes - Charlotte, so far. Ground is a little cold and now very soggy since it has rained here everyday since the hosepipe ban!!

At least my water butts are nice and full and all watering cans are kept topped up - have quite a colourful awray of them here including a beautiful pink Haws can, alongside the Daisy and Thoughtful Gardener cans

In the greenhouse I am nuturing along a few Mangetout plants which are not looking too bad at the mo and there are also some baby tomato plants and lettuce coming along nicely.

The rockeries are looking good although the tete a tetes daffs were over very quickly due to that hot spell in March I think. I've also added three of the new bird feeders in orange which are a colourful addition and are already attracting small birds into the garden which I can watch from the window as I work!!
Hopefully tomorrow the rain will hold off and I can enjoy a few hours outside before it's back to work on Monday but at least I'm doing something I enjoy!! Will keep you updated too! Enjoy your gardens whatever the weather this weekend.

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