Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Ups and downs of gardening

I love gardening, really I do, but sometimes it is a bit of a challenge to stay "on top" of everything.
First of all there was a really dry spring at a time when sowing and planting is at it's peak and now as I write this blog at the end of June it is raining heavily and the roses outside my window are taking a bashing, their perfumed petals falling to the ground. I know I shouldn't complain about the rain - it's just it's the wrong type of rain!!
I meant to nip out the tops of my broadbeans (as suggested in an earlier blog) but the business was extra busy (not complaining about that) and I forgot so yes they got covered in blackfly. Still I've taken out the tops now and the broadbeans lower down the plants are fine and really rather nice.
I dug up some Aaron Pilot potatoes (resistant to scab) - well these weren't but I confess they were from a bargain basement store so won't be doing that again. Always buy Scottish certified seed potatoes. Next I dug up some Charlotte potatoes and they were amazing and delicious par boiled and sauted for tea.
Here they are in a pink Burgon & Ball Garden Trug
- so useful for bringing in the veg and featured in a recent Daily Mail Weekend Magazine as one of the best trugs.
My runner beans were put out too early and succumbed to a rather chilly easterly wind so have had to re-sow (twice) cos the slugs got the second lot.
My wisteria died but has left me a brilliant frame work for an alternative climber .
My tagetees got too leggy in the greenhouse but have nipped out the tops with the deadheads so they are bushing out nicely, although a little late.

My husband (bless him) has never been a keen gardener leaving "that sort of thing" to me but just lately he has discovered he enjoys weeding (only in the veg plot tho) and is even going out into the garden after work.
Now that really is an up!!

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