Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Is gardening just for oldies??

Earlier this week I read an article about sure fire ways that suggest you are getting old - you know the sort of thing - moaning when you get up cos your knees/hips hurt, you can't hear so well, hair appearing where it shouldn't, policemen/doctors getting younger etc etc.
Yet some way down that list it also said that as you age you take up gardening???
Well I'm no spring chicken but I have been messing about in gardens for ages, growing my own veg in my mid twenties even before it was fashionable and just loving the outdoor life. Did that make me old before my time - I don't think so and if the Garden Divas customer base is anything to go by then I would say there are loads of trendy young (well youngish) gardeners out there.
I can't see Grandad on his allotment wearing this funky toolbelt
You also have to be pretty fit to be a gardener, all that mowing, digging, pruning and sowing - taking up gardening in later life could be a real shock to the system for some.
So to all you gardeners out there whether male, female, young or old - keep up the good work and just enjoy a fab hobby and remember you don't have to be old to take up gardening.

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