Thursday, 26 May 2011

My garden hands!!

Walking back from yet another visit to the dentist this week made me wish I had taken more care of my teeth even though my dentist gleefully informed me that they are now past their sell by date - ie I'm getting too old - what a cheek!!

It then got me thinking about the other parts I may have have neglected including my hands!! I gardened for years without using gloves and I don't recommend that either!! Then about 6 years ago I discovered the Floreo 370 Garden Gloves.

- a godsend for someone who likes to garden but who also likes to really feel what she is doing. Now there is a plethora of gloves available to protect our hands ( and I have garden gloves for all occasions) and whats more they are pretty and comfortable to wear too. And even if you are suffering from arthritis ( and I confess my thumb joint hurts a bit now) there are the Bionic Blooms Gloves with their special padding and support.

What a pity I didn't discover any gloves I felt I could garden in for years - the result - my nails and finger tips were always ingrained with a little dirt - not a good look when going out for the evening! They're still not that great now after years of potting, sowing and general digging in the dirt but at least they stay clean plus I now have a great hand care set from Gardener's Therapies
which includes a liquid glove barrier cream - how cool is that!! So there is no excuse - if I don't feel like wearing gloves I can just slap some of this on and away we go.

Then when all the work is done for the day I can nourish my hands with this wonderful handcream
- a customers favourite and featured in the Daily Mail Weekend supplement as one of the best 5 handcreams for gardeners. Really with all this pampering I should have beautiful hands although nothing can make them long and elegant and they still remain a pair of small, wide gardener's hands but they are a whole lot better than my teeth!!)

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