Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Head into the garden, that's what does it for me! After attending a funeral last week and realising once again how quickly everything which is familiar changes, this gardener was in slightly melancholy mood. Nothing for it but to head outside. At this time of year the garden is continually changing too: those bright yellow tete a tete have now given way to colourful tulips, a bare patch of earth is home to fresh asparagus spears working their way to the surface and the apple blossom is bursting into bloom. In another few days or so I may see the first leaves of my early potatoes and the sweet peas and tomatoes I have planted should be up and raring to go. From one weekend to the next there is always something new and exciting to see and I can't believe how quickly everything has grown during this unseasonably warm spell. Even the bluebells seem to be opening earlier than usual. If you are, or know a gardener such as me who finds the simple pleasures of gardening raises her spirits then take a look at the new Thoughtful Gardener hand tools(from Wild & Wolf who manufacture the Pretty Useful Tools). With their stylish presentation and garden related quotes they make the perfect gift for every gardener whether they are melancholy or not!!

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