Thursday, 31 March 2011

Mothers Day

It has been pretty busy here at Garden Divas HQ with orders for lucky Mums ranging from the ever popular Floreo 370 Garden Gloves to the fab new Tulip & Rose Garden BasketBut as I write this blog on a Sunday afternoon my house has been invaded by the smell of Dettol!! My beautiful daughter succumbed to a sickness bug overnight and the Mother'sDay lunch out has been cancelled . Oh well these things happen - all part of being a Mum!! Instead of going out I've treated myself to a long soak in the bath using the beautiful Gardener's Bath & Shower Gel which makes a lovely bubbly bath and certainly helps to relax and unwind (And after all I am a special gardener)!! Now I think I will head off into the garden for a while, maybe plant my second lot of potatoes - Aaron Pilot. I've already set some Charlotte potatoes which are a salad variety - my family tradition has always been to set the first lot of potatoes on Good Friday but as Easter is so late this year I have already got going - but don't worry I will still be setting some then - "Cara" which make nice jacket potatoes. And that is just what my daughter is saying she will be living on this week - jacket potatoes until her tum has settled down. My late Mother used to say if you have a potato and an apple, then you have a meal - a simple one at that but if grown in your own garden absolutely delicious!!! And Mums really do know best!!

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