Wednesday, 6 October 2010

So little time, so much to do

How many women feel the same way?? I thought that an early September break in the sun would set me up nicely for the busiest months of our trading year and returned home feeling truly relaxed. Since then my feet haven't touched the ground and there's not even been a lot of time for gardening - until today that is. I've managed to squeeze in a couple of hours in the garden when the rain stopped for once and the sun came out. I've mainly been weeding - those weeds have certainly grown in the last few weeks - what was it that someone said?? "Weeds are only plants in the wrong place" Mm - not sure about that one - they are certainly in the wrong place in my garden at the moment!!

So what have I been up too since coming back from my hols - well basically (apart from the various domestic issues that feature largely in a women's life) I've been busy sourcing some fab new products for our website. Lovely chintzy items from the Garden Girl range- the Garden Plant Bag is my favourite,

a beautiful pink Petunia apron from Dotty Designs which is oh so pretty

and a cute Robin Watering Can

which should make a very appropriate gift at Christmas.

Loads more on it's way, including the Laura Ashley garden range and a beautifully boxed Indoor Watering Kit from Haws.

Oh and we've just taken delivery of the White Christmas Grobox Garden

which can be planted from now and all through the winter months. If it will make my gardening life easier I'm certainly going to be planting some of these easy peasy boxes for lovely early Spring colour and it may save me some time too!!

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