Thursday, 19 August 2010

Men - God Bless em!!

Sometimes – just sometimes do you think the male species hales from another planet?? Couldn’t they just for once multi task or maybe recognise that women are just a tincy wincy little bit emotional at times?? Or tired?? Or tetchy?? Or are, for once, right?? During a fraught weekend when the only remaining items needed for a dinner party were 4 nectarines why did my hubby come home with a bag of clementines??? Was this the straw that broke the old camel’s back do you think? I know, I know, it doesn’t really matter in the broad scheme of things but having worked all week, cleaned, shopped, cooked, arranged our social life – did he then need to burn the meat on the barbie too!!!

Ah well Sunday dawned bright and clear and I went out into the garden for my dose of therapy. Having given some shrubs a haircut (a little too severely I admit) and pulled up some plants (fed up with those leggy offerings) I noticed my new Filigree Frog sitting on the side and, grumpy and tired as I was, it made me smile. With a little gold crown on his head he makes a natty garden ornament and you can tuck him between your patio pots where he will reside happily all year round. (And he may be the only frog who never answers you back!!)

I also weeded around the young sprouting broccoli plants and found them covered in whitefly so gave them a spray too, then used the Birds Away Kit to help shoo off the darned pigeons which made a beeline for last year’s plants and practically demolished them before I could cover them up with netting to await the sprouting tips to appear.

Unfortunately the garden helper (another man – need I say more) decided that although I had netted them they were only fit for the compost heap so pulled them all out!!!! This year I shall put up a KEEP OFF sign.

Men – don’t you just love em!!

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  1. The little netted frogs are cute. Men do the best that they can, bless their hearts.