Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Purple Passion

The arrival of the purple majesty potato in our supermarkets
reminded me of the time I bought some purple crisps ( at a London show sometime ago) and passed them off as Pot Pourri - well it gave everybody something to talk about at my party!!!

If you have a passion for all things purple then take a look at these fabulous Foxgloves Grip Gardening Gloves - beautiful gloves in a stunning colour!

I have been working in the garden this morning wearing a pair of these and they are lovely and keep your hands nice and cosy in the chill autumn weather.

Or howabout a pair of Bionic Blooms Garden Gloves in Purple - the only gardening glove designed by a hand surgeon and perfect for those of you who require more support and protection when gardening.
To protect your knees what could be better than the Fleece Garden Kneeler in lavender which is waterproof on the back but nice and warm for your knees when planting all those bulbs.

Speaking of which I have some more purple crocuses to set in the garden - that will be a job for tomorrow when I will also be stringing up the Birds Away Kit to keep the pigeons off the Purple Sprouting Broccoli!!!

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