Tuesday, 3 November 2009

What’s in Your Sandwich? (Stuff it with Some Seedbed Salad!)

On Wednesday 28th October, we watched the “What’s in My Sandwich?” BBC documentary hosted by Jimmy Doherty, unravelling the secrets behind the mass production of supermarket sandwiches!

Whilst we were slightly worried that only 60% of processed cheese is actually cheese we were really impressed by the technology that goes into producing a bag of salad! Seeing the complex process that goes into making a ready-made salad, really made us appreciate the food we take for granted and it’s this process that ensures the 1.5million salad bags going to supermarkets each week are bug free!

And whilst we all know how easy it is to pop to the supermarket to pick up a salad, with our Seedbed Roll it’s easy to grow your own English Summer Salad, producing up to the equivalent of 50 supermarket bags of lettuce! The Seedbed Roll is an all-in-one grow mat, seed and polytunnel developed for commercial growers and now available for the home garden. Contains Lettuce, Red Batavia, Green Batavia, Tango Lettuce and Cos lettuce. Plus no pests, no chemicals, no weeding and it is quick to grow!

With some home grown fresh salad, Mature Cheddar, pickle and a warm loaf you can make your very own tasty (and cheap) cheese ploughman’s lunch. We are certainly going to be ditching our Supermarket sandwiches from now on for a much fresher flavour!

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