Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Get Gorgeous Girlies Growing!

Want to start growing your own produce but haven’t a clue where to start? The The Girl’s Guide To Growing Your Own is the perfect introduction to gardening for the modern busy woman!

This book is a fun, light hearted read for the for the novice or total beginner girlie gardener full of fabulous illustrations and useful hints and tips to cheat your way to a great growing garden! Making the book totally relevant to the modern day there are even relevant recipes- including how to make your own Mojitos. The Girl’s Guide To Growing Your Own is written by Alex Mitchell who has written in her gardening column for The Sunday Telegraph for three years. Snap it up now for anyone who is new to gardening and maybe needs a push in the right direction! Plus if they don’t want to get their nails dirty it’s not a problem- team with the Floreo 370 Garden Gloves to ensure that manicure keeps in perfect condition.

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