Thursday, 15 October 2009

Congratulations Kew Gardens- Bang on Target with the Pink Banana!

This week Kew Gardens hit their target of collecting and preserving 24,200 species of seeds from 10% of the World’s plant species. Kew Garden met this target 14months ahead of schedule and well within their set budget! The last seeds to be collected were that of the endangered pink banana (Musa itinerans) and they will now join the other seeds collected after 17 years of hard work! Garden Divas would like to say huge congratulations to Kew Gardens for this fantastic achievement in global conservation. We wish them the very best of luck in meet their 2020 target of collating 25% of world plant species! The seed bank is not based at Kew Gardens due to a fear of flooding but if you fancy a day out to the Royal Botanical Gardens please visit the website.

At Garden Divas we may not have anything as exotic as pink bananas (by the way did you know they are frequently eaten by Asian elephants) but we do have a few seeds you can grow yourselves! Choose from one of three American Modern Seed Kits- Fragrant Flower, Garden Market and Culinary Herb. Or if you’re after the perfect English Salad, take advantage of our new Seedbed Roll, an all in one grow mat, seed and polytunnel developed in England for commercial growers and now available in the kitchen garden. Alternatively you can also plant any seeds of your choice in our brilliant new Sticklebag- a lightweight decorative planter just awaiting your plants!

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