Friday, 11 February 2011

A Moment's Peace!!

That's all I wanted this week was a moment's peace!! At the end of last week I lost my business phone line so it has been quite peaceful in that respect - but the rest of the week , well.....

Having coped with decorators painting the office and working in a complete mess, this Monday the internet went down, not good for an online retailer. I then spent over 2 hours on the phone trying to work out what was wrong only to come to the conclusion that a new router was needed!! So now we were offline and with no phone!!

Fortunately we were all off to Spring Fair on Tuesday sourcing new products and meeting with suppliers - always nice to catch up with everyone particularly when they get out the wine!! Wednesday morning - exhausted and the old back playing up again after a long day but loads to think about and sort. New router arrived and was installed and hey presto we were up and running (but still no phone!!!).

All I wanted was a bit of P & Q and suddenly I had my answer!!! This new and beautifully presented Garden Gift Set from the Laura Ashley range is entitled "A Moment's Peace"

Priced at £39.99 it includes a hand trowel and cultivator, secateurs, garden gloves and cute folding stool but if you quote "LAONE" you can get £5.00 off between now and the end of March (whilst stocks last)

I'm off to the end of the garden for a breather- let's just hope it doesn't rain!!

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