Friday, 28 January 2011


Most people understand that spending time in the garden can deliver a host of health benefits and so, feeling rather stodgy after the Christmas break, I recently headed outside for a bit of a tidy up. The sun was shining as I set about raking up leaves, removing dead plants ruined by the snow and icy blasts (Sprouting Broccoli was a write off). But looks were deceptive and there was a cold north wind blowing right across my back and even though I was suitably attired (well I thought I was) I ended up the next day feeling like an old crock bent over with a pulled muscle brought on by the cold.

The trouble is I do most of my gardening from a standing position rather than using a kneeler which is daft really as I have a fabulous selection of Kneelers right on my doorstep. So which one of these should I choose as they are all lovely.

The Fleece Garden Kneeler is as great as it's snuggly and can hang on your wheelbarrow.
The Laura Ashley Kneelers are so pretty and feminine and give a lot of support to old knees

And the new Kneelo - well I'm getting some really good feedback on that and it's nice and light to carry round.

Maybe I'll have one of each in different colours - well a girl can never have too many handbags or shoes so maybe a gardening girl can never have too many kneelers!!

Any way no time to ramble on today as it's my BIRTHDAY!!! So off to blow out the candles on my cake - just hope I don't put my back out again doing that -there are rather a lot of candles!!!

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