Thursday, 8 April 2010

Easter Hols!

Well that was it – the Easter Holidays!! It went by in a flash and not a morsel of chocolate has passed my lips!!! Gave it up for lent and feel so much better for it that I have decided to try not to eat any although it is proving hard with the mounds of Easter Eggs in this house!! Hopefully some of that will disappear when my son goes back to University next week!!Traditionally for me Easter is the time to really get on with my vegetable growing. I always like to set my seed potatoes on Good Friday and although it was not the best of weathers I managed to set a salad variety – Charlotte, as well as some red and white onions all in a nice straight line thanks to the Vegetable Row String Line

I am also trying out the Dig It™ Garden/DIY Gloves this season and they are proving to be very comfortable indeed particularly for the heavier jobs around the garden helping my hands stay clean and mud free particularly when spreading the well rotted stable manure – lovely jubbly!!!
I thought I would also trial an English Summer Salad Seedbed Roll as salad leaves, although not difficult to grow, soon get eaten by slugs and the rabbits who find their way down our drive – obviously words spreads that there is a good dinner going here.

Now I have to say it was a rather unusual way to set seeds but I am really hopeful that I may get some jolly nice crops as it has its own built in mini polytunnel no less, which should keep those pesky creatures away. I will let you know!

If I don’t get good results though I may just have to go back to the chocolate!!