Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Garden Grub!

It’s time now to start collecting all the fruits of your labour and what better way to bring them in than in the bag included in the Vegetable Garden Gift Set.

A nice hessian sack so much more stylish than the old ice cream carton you diligently washed out!! And if you are looking for a recipe for the glut of tomatoes, courgettes or beans take a look at this Gardener’s Recipe Book – “Taste the Flavours, Sow the Seeds”

Put them both together and what have you got but the Garden Divas Grub to Grow Set - a perfect present for the allotment or kitchen garden owner.
All this talk of food makes me peckish so am off to pick the dwarf beans, dig up the spuds, maybe collect a courgette or two and cook my tea. Any recipes gratefully received!!


  1. Nice blog. Like the Vegetable Garden Gift Set. Where can I buy it and at what cost ?

  2. The Vegetable Garden Gift Set can be bought at www.gardendivas.co.uk priced £28.50