Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Are you one of the 41% that grows your own? If not why not?!

Why not start the New Year as you mean to go on and join the 41% of family stage consumers that are already growing their own produce or planning to in 2010. New Year is all about fresh starts so why not make this one of yours and ensure your vegetables are a lot fresher!

The Horticultural Trades Association has published a recent Garden Industry Monitor Consumer Insight investigating the trends in the gardening World. We are pleased to see that the population are not only growing more but spending a lot more time in their home and garden, though we doubt many of you have been recently pottering around the flower beds in this snowy weather!

To support this growing trend we want the percentage of people growing their own to rise to over 50%! Every little bit counts so in amongst our grow your own range you will find The Girl’s Guide To Growing- perfect for the beginner lady gardener who wants to get started! We know we’ve raved about this book in our previous blog so we won’t repeat ourselves but...it is now available at a Seasonal Offer Price! You can order the book online for £10.95 (was £12.95) for a limited time only so be quick. You may not be able to get outside right now but you can enjoy reading all these hints and tips by the fire with a hot cuppa tea until the ice melts and then get gardening!

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