Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Take a taste of Microleaves

Well today (1st September) officially marks the end of summer but at least the sun is still shining here today (although I have already noticed the evenings getting darker earlier :-( ). However there is plenty more work for me to do at work and in the home and garden. In fact, with Christmas looming there’s even more multitasking ahead. Facing pressures from every angle, it's difficult to dedicate the time to keep healthy and grow your own produce. However at Garden Divas we have just taken on a fabulour new product to try and make life a little easier, meaning you can grow your own super foods with very little effort!

These Microleaves are tiny tonics packed full of nutrients and flavour, really healthy, helping to make you feel great. They are a new super food to be eaten like cress, using only the first most tender leaves and stems. The great news is these sets come with everything you need including fool proof seed mats in containers perfect for the kitchen window ledge! There is a choice of two selections Green- Celery, Mizuna and Tatsoi or Red- Amaranth, Red Basil and Broccoli! Such a simple way of growing your own leaves, keeping you healthy and great to be part of the growing new trend of super foods!! Always keen to keep on trend we are trying them out on the windowsill of the GD office... hope it's going to look like this in a few more weeks :-)

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