Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Grow your own..Potatoes

As you all know at Garden Divas we always try our best to fully test out our products (what a chore to have such luxurious gardening equipment- it’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it!). So we started a little experiment involving one single lonely potato and the Burgon and Ball Potato Planter .
Yes you guessed it- back in April we planted this one potato into the planter and watered it over the last four months to see how well it would grow. This Sunday we decided to see exactly how many potatoes we produced and were thrilled with the results- take a look at the picture below!Sitting in our very own Bradley’s rose trug, are approximately 10lb of potatoes produced in the single planter. This goes to show that you really can grow your own produce and save some pennies, even if you have very limited garden space.Of course a large part of the Garden Divas garden is dedicated to vegetable growing so here is a quick snap of all the other home grown veggies we are enjoying at the moment. Happy gardening (and eating)!

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  1. They look fantastic! I would like to make a booking for dinner at le Jardin of Diva please! Looks like I would get fed rather well!
    Take care for now