Thursday, 4 June 2009

“Home Allotments” Are a Quick Alternative to a 40 Year Waiting List!

Latest research shows that the allotments in areas of London are now demanding a 40 year waiting list to get a patch of land. What’s more throughout the country for every allotment there are 30 people waiting to get hold of one. Investigations have shown that a university student in Camden, London, who registers for a plot on completing their Degree should expect it around retirement age!This might seem laughable but we are thrilled gardening is so popular! If you are lucky to enough to have your own allotment, why not be the envy of your fellow gardeners and treat yourself to a few of our tools. Gardeners estimate you save approximately £950 a year through growing your own so spoil yourself a little! Plus it’s important to ensure all your produce is labelled correctly so why not use a pack of the following...

However if you aren’t lucky enough to have your own not fear, we have the perfect alternative! Whether you live in a flat, or have a patio, you can still participate in this growing trend... with the Home Allotment range from Burgon and Ball- choose from the Potato Planter,, Salad Planter, or Vegetable Planter To read the related news article in full please click here.

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