Thursday, 9 April 2009

Keep “NYUDIES” in Style with Atlas Nitrile Gloves

They say you learn something new every day and I think this may be true! This week I’ve learnt a new word “NYUDIES” that apparently refers to the group of new yuppie diggers, all laying claim to an allotment and growing their own organic veggies. Whilst some seem to be upsetting the old score of allotment holders, Garden Divas is only too pleased to hear of anyone getting down to gardening.

To protect hands not used to the rigours of digging and planting, the Atlas Nitrile Touch Gloves are a must, and if you’re needing a little guidance as to what to sow and grow why not read First Time Gardener by celebrity gardener Kim Wilde for some sound advice. Plus if you are really getting into the swing of it all, try our useful Gardener’s Organiser, where you can make endless notes of what you have achieved this year. It will prove indispensible!


  1. I must say I have been quite impressed with Kim Wilde. Whilst "Kids in America" was a synthetic abomination to offend any Muse, her somewhat more rustic career seems to have been quite authentic. Of course, being a celebrity always helps one get on telly and thence subsequent book sales, but if one must take this course then hers was a fairly authentic approach, I feel.
    Nice site. I like the whimsical approach. I can't be doing with the serious these days.
    I am cheered up after reading here. Thank you.

  2. damn! I used the word "authentic" twice there! How unimaginative of me! I must get out my thesaurus and have a rummage.