Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Easter Wash Out Waters Garden Divas’ Willow Planter!

Well the Easter break is truely over and what a wash out it was here!!! Despite the rain, potatoes were planted along with onion sets, carrots, and lettuce in the Garden Divas garden. (I am experimenting by planting just one seed potato into the attractive willow planter http://www.gardendivas.co.uk/details.php?prodId=230&category=5 using just compost from the compost bin to see how many new potatoes it will crop – will let you know in due course. )

The cucumbers (Marketmore) and tomatoes (Gardener’s Delight and Berry F1 ) are all growing strongly in the greenhouse; the courgettes are up as are the tagetes which will help ward off fly infestation on the roses in the summer, and I have also set some chilli seeds free with Gardener’s World magazine, so thank you to them for those!!! The small Haws watering can http://www.gardendivas.co.uk/details.php?prodId=174&category has proved to be perfect for watering delicate seedlings and, as with all Haws watering cans, looks set to last and last.

The first shoots of asparagus from the garden were enjoyed on Easter Sunday together with a rather large amount of chocolate so it is a good thing that there will be lots to do in the garden to work off all those calories!!!

I have to confess though that I managed to bend my favourite Burgon and Ball hand trowel http://www.gardendivas.co.uk/details.php?prodId=37&category -unheard of in over 30 years of gardening) which just goes to prove that you should always use the right tool for the job and that snowdrop bulbs firmly embedded deep within a bank need something a little more than a trowel to shift them!!! Oh well I will just have to choose another - now which colour shall I have?

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