Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Blooms In A Bag For The Novice Garden Diva!

At the moment it would seem I cannot turn the Television on, open a newspaper or listen to the radio without hearing about the Recession. This week I happened to notice a feature on Anglia News encouraging a scheme titled “Get Digging”. The programme featured celeb gardener Monty Don speaking about the benefits of growing your own produce. Here at Garden Divas we are a huge fan of this concept! Not only will it save you plenty of time and money at the supermarket, it’s also a fun form of exercise.

The feature focussed on the aspect that not everyone is a “natural gardener”. Although we believe everyone can succeed, we have some products that are perfect for the novice gardener. So if you are new to gardening but would like to give it a go, why not try the American Modern Blooms in a Bag. We’d recommend the Tomato option to grow some extra sweet Red Robin tomatoes. http://www.gardendivas.co.uk/details.php?prodId=168&category Alternatively if you’d like to try and grow some herbs, the Basil, Parsely and Chives would be perfect left to grow on your windowsill. http://www.gardendivas.co.uk/details.php?prodId=122&category

Do let us know how you get on!

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